Inkjet Printer or Laser Printer?

If you are currently thinking about buying a new printer, then you have a lot to think about. Things such as brand name, ink cartridge prices, warranties, and price are all factors that can and should influence your decision. Consumers today have dozens of great choices in every price range.

The best way to narrow down your selection in my opinion is by reading reviews online. Two sites you can rely on to read tons of printer reviews are CNET and Amazon. CNET will have professional reviews, which can be quite informative. Sometimes, CNET also has video reviews you can watch. Amazon, on the other hand, has a plethora of customer reviews. Such reviews can often be just as helpful, if not more helpful than professional reviews. Keep in mind, however, consumer reviews can often be quite biased, so you should look for a consensus opinion rather than relying too much on a small number of reviews. I typically only trust star ratings if there are over 10 reviews submitted.

ink couponsIf you are at a loss on where to start your search for printers, some reputable brands you can start with include Brother, Canon, HP, and Lexmark. But picking a good printer involves much more than simply picking a good brand. Even the best brands make bad printers, and some brands that aren’t too well known often have a handful of good models as well.

One decision you’ll have to make early on is whether to buy a Inkjet or Laser printer. While there is no tried and true method to choose one or the other, the choice may not be as difficult as you think.

Inkjet printers on the whole excel at printing photos and color documents. Therefore, if the bulk of your printing falls into this category, you’ll want to get an inkjet printer. The downside of inkjet printers is that they print documents rather slowly. Even the fastest inkjet printer will print more slowly than a laser printer. This can be a problem if you print quite a bit and want your printed documents quickly.

Laser printers are not as great at color printing, but their advantage is speed. If you primarily print black and white documents, then laser printers are the way to go. Because of their speed, laser printers are favored by many businesses. If you need more than one printer for a business, however, it’s best to buy at least one inkjet printer and one laser printer, just so you have all your bases covered.

Whatever printer you purchase, you will soon discover that ink cartridge costs will be quite high. This makes it important for you to find a cheap source of printer ink. For me, that source has been Inkfarm, an online ink company. I typically buy from them in bulk and get discounts with Inkfarm coupons. to get extra discounts. For the most part, you’ll find that online ink stores have the best prices. So long as you are organized enough to order printer ink before you run out, buying your cartridges online is therefore the smart way to save money on ink.