My favorite e-cigarette brand: Halo

Halo Cigs Coupon CodesWhen I first got started vaping, I spend quite a while trying to find the best e-cigarette for my needs. Since I always favor simplicity, I quickly ruled out the more complicated batteries. I basically just wanted an e-cigarette that was as small as a regular cigarette and just as easy to use. Ultimately, this meant I had to get slim, automatic, “cigalike” batteries along with some pre-filled cartomizers.

Most batteries I tried at first were only mediocre. I tried generic Kanger batteries as well as a few brands like Vapor4Life. It wasn’t until I tried the Halo G6 that I discovered my favorite battery. I found the Halo automatic batteries don’t require as strong a pull to get some vapor.

Similarly, the Halo cartomizers were much better than other ones I tried. They did not have the same, chemical aftertaste I found with other brands. I haven’t tried Halo’s flavors yet, but I assume they will be equally impressive in quality.

The only disadvantage of buying from Halo for me has been that the prices are a bit higher then what you might pay for other e-cigs. This is why I wait until there is a sale before making a bulk purchase. I also look for Halo Cigs promo codes from sites like A Halo Cigs coupon should save you a minimum of 5%, even when there are no other promotions going on. Keep in mind, you can sometimes find some good deals on e-cigarette twitter pages as well, so it’s a good idea to check them once in a while as well.