Online tire buying guide

One of the major costs of owning a car is changing tires, which must be done more often than most people are aware. I for one don’t wait until a tire is worn out before changing them. Instead, I proactively monitor the wear on the tread, and replace my tires as soon as the tread thins to the point where the car’s safety may be compromised.

Discount Tire Store

Many tires these days have markers or wear bars that will make it clear when the tire needs to be replaced. If you don’t have such bars on your car, you can also use the penny test to determine if you have enough tread left.

Don’t rely on the tire manufacturer’s guarantee to decide when to change the tire. Tires wear differently depending on driving conditions and climate. So there is unfortunately no hard and fast rule on the frequency with which you should change your tires.

I would encourage consumers to buy tires online for convenience and price savings. To buy tires online, simply follow these steps.

  1. Go to a popular tire store like Discount Tire and search for tires by entering your car’s make and model.
  2. View the tires that come up in results. Read reviews and ratings, and select a tire.
  3. Get a discount tire coupon and apply it to your purchase for extra savings.
  4. Check out and pay for your tires.
  5. If you want, arrange an installation time for your tires. This way, you can simply go to your selected discount tire store at the scheduled time to have your tires changed in less than an hour.

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